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Common Questions and Answers About Polyurea and Poly Hybrid Spray Coatings

This page includes some of the questions along with answers from the Spray Lining community. Visitors are welcome to contribute additional questions or provide answers through the comments below.

Q. I was just wondering if I spray the product and later find that I need to add a 2nd coat, for repair for example, would that be possible? If so what cleaning/ prep steps are needed to spray the additional coat over the cured liner?

A. Once cured, Spray Lining and Coatings polyurea hybrids will accelerate any future layers. In summary, the longer an SLC product is cured, the faster a new layer will cure if applied over it. As for preparation, in general it must be free of any oil, wax, etc. To create better quality, thicker is always better (see our truck bedliner calculator).

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    • In short, yes, but: Colder than 70 degrees, F means it’ll be thicker & harder to mix. Advise is to heat containers of A & B first, heat the surface or both. Lacquer thinner thins it also to mix. Since heat accelerates a thinner mix it follows that cold decelerates a thicker mix.

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