Vortex Spray Linings Franchise Business Review

Similar to Reflex, Vortex requires use of specialized equipment and you must be a “Vortex”dealer.

Vortex also sells a hard coating for decks called Granitex, along with a roof coating. Both products “require” use of only Vortex’s “specialized” equipment. These are polyaspartic or similar flooring, and a basic roof coating. Similar or exact formula and/or equipment was/is available at SL&C.

  1. PRICE $37 to $63/gallon + freight
  2. Proprietary equipment is operated almost exactly as Langeman
  3. 5 gallon buckets on pallets (minimum of 10 per pallet with 2 pallet minimum), or 55 gallon drums only
  4. Terms on voiding equip warranty & forgo any parts or service by Vortex, similar to Langeman/ Reflex

Vortex Spray Liner Equipment:

Vortex KV 5006 System


Vortex KV 5006 System – $16,335.00

With Vortex to apply bedliners, this system is the only choice available. There is no universal spray equipment available from Vortex, although SL&C makes polyurea that will spray and function easily though this equipment. The Vortex product also requires “specialized” equipment to apply. SL&C ships Graco equipment which spray Vortex from Graco with Graco & SL&C’s warranty.

Vortex equipment is proprietary; made by them, intended for that bedliner only.

Vortex KV 5006 System (slightly used)

Same equipment detailed as the current model. This was found on EBay for under $4,000.00, with 80 gallons of Vortex coating material.

In all, the Vortex spray liner system is designed around the base pickup truck bed application only, as was Reflex, Gardit, and the Scorpion ASCG which follows here. All pick up bed’s box is always under 100 ft2.

Vortex equipment is proprietary; made by them, intended for that bedliner only.


Vortex Summary:

Reflex, Vortex, and now… Scorpion’s “proprietary” equipment can operate well for a little less money than Graco equipment. These smaller machines are OK for limited traveling or mobile jobs. If these mobile applications are inside (i.e. not exterior), if a job is small enough, and proper ventilation or legal requirements are met, they will function. If product’s price was low enough to provide a thick enough surface for high quality, smaller mobile jobs can be profitable here.

*  Graco, PMC, or SL&C equipment and parts can operate or repair Langeman equipment. SL&C similar polyurea operate through Langeman equipment.

** Graco is a publicly owned specialized/exclusive equipment manufacturer with warranty, parts, and service disassociated with any coating vendor notwithstanding SL&C.

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Vortex Linings Franchise
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 2 reviews
by Johathan Oakes on Vortex Linings Franchise
Same equipment issue as Reflex

Pretty much the came complaint as I posted in my review about Reflex. I would never pay so much money for some "special" equipment required for spraying a truck bed. I really don't trust those franchise offers where you have to pay that much and use only their equipment and products.

I want to be able to choose my own equipment and be able to use it on other jobs as well, not be stuck with just doing Vortex truck bed jobs.

by keith Dawkins on Vortex Linings Franchise

I'm entering bed lining and similar jobs business. Shopping logically, your SLC website is most informative. Why does Vortex Spray Liners require being a dealer to use their equipment? Also- Who is Vortex SOS?


Vortex Linings Franchise Review — 2 Comments

    • Our dealership program is rather flexible in general. We are always eager to have businesses available to refer individuals to when going the DIY route isn’t an option. There are no dealership fees, and we can tailor our services and products based on your needs.
      The products you apply are pretty much up to you, and of course would vary based on your targeted application and customer base.
      Our goal is to increase the number of available businesses for individuals while making every effort to provide an economical coating solution for our dealers.
      The easiest way to get started (if applying true Line-X quality polyurea products) is to simply purchase the larger of the 2 RLA Cartridge Dealer Startup kits: Rhino / Line-X Alternative Coatings Dealer Startup Packages . The required equipment (other than the cartridge gun included with this package) is rather minimal. This package represents about 14% discount over the retail price, so you can start getting dealer discounts even on an initial purchase. Basic instructions on this particular product are available at: Polyurea Cartridge Products Instructions .
      If you have additional questions, feel free to get in touch directly by entering extension 902 from our main greeting at 855-545-4900. Always leave a message if you get voicemail, as we don’t outsource support, and may be busy assisting other customers.
      Thank you for your interest in Diamondback Linings SL&C brand products!

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