Rhino-Linings Spray Lining Franchise Review

Rhino is an actual recognized brand that if the cost of the name can be amortized, can function well for largest body shops with multiple auto dealerships.

Spray Lining and Coatings (without credit, commission, or appreciation), has recommended Rhino to prospects we know can or should amortize that entry price. Companies which need that name generally waste SL&C’s time. The equipment below is commonly sold to start up dealerships which can be in close proximity to one another. The close proximity of dealerships occurs when an original dealer does not buy enough Rhino product to prevent another from opening near or within its “zone”. Saturation usually occurs regardless of who actually “built” these territories. This competition is one reason the cost of truck bedliner retail prices has not gone up with inflation overall. However, more overall product is sold, shipped, notwithstanding increased wholesale costs.

Rhino Linings Equipment:

RhinoPro HP-21

RhinoPro™ HP-21 – $32,050.00 – $51,000.00

This or other plural component spray machines are promoted as they may be specially designed to process Rhino Linings only. This might be a form of misrepresentation.  SL&C or any polyurea of same ratio can go through the HP-21 along with most similar equipment. Through proper valving, other ratios are/were always possible. Manufacturer is Graco; always was. Any similar equipment can spray SL&C polyurea, all ratios. SL&C’s equipment is priced via biggest Graco distributors.

Hi Flow-21

RhinoPro™ Hi Flow-21 – Over $2,800.00

This is not polyurea bedliner-type equipment. It may be re-labeled, but is a Graco. It’s designed to apply floor coating. Specifically, it’s a Graco Reactor E-8P scaled down for flooring or low GPM jobs.

Rhino Pro Spray Gun RPCS-002

Rhino Pro™ Spray Gun RPCS-002 – $580.00

RhinoPro™ Cartridge Guns are dual component, simplified pneumatic applicators promoted as specially designed for RhinoPak 90A, RhinoPak 55D, RhinoPak 70D and RhinoPak SM cartridges. SL&C cartridges fit this and all similar systems. One RhinoPak™ 1500 ml cartridge sprayed at 1/8″ (125 mils) can cover a 4 sq. ft. area.  This along with any other system can be sold under Rhino as dealer startup with close proximity to another Rhino dealer. Certain Rhino Linings dealers might be protected from this. SL&C titles truly protected Rhino (or other brand) dealers as “grandfathered in” or possibly their highest volume buyers.

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Rhino Linings
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by Bob Jacobs on Rhino Linings
Rhino not for startups

I got in touch with Rhino about starting up a spray coating business for trailers and truck beds and was shocked to see how much they want. Not only that, but they insist on using their equipment. I just wanted to get some of the material and buy my own Graco equipment, but they blew me off for that. Maybe they would be good for someone who can invest 100K, but not a franchise for a smaller startup business
Not sure how good Rhino Linings would be with support and all, but the little guy doesn't have a chance.

by Kevin Yang on Rhino Linings
Lesson learned well

I learned from Phil at Rhino Linings of Orange County, 1409 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705. He does great truck bed jobs but price to be a Rhino dealer are astronomical. Their equipment is marked up Graco systems that I got at Spray Lining and Coatings for less money. Rhino's Tuff Grip, HardLine, Hybrid & Color Match are almost twice the price as same stuff via PPG or DuPont or directly through SL&C. Rhino Linings of Orange County is a great company with Phil as a fair guy. Rhino charges a lot to use that name with poor support services, however maybe brand recognition was worth it. Not for me.

by Ben Michales on Rhino Linings
Rhino overpriced and low value

Rhino is well known in the truck bed industry, but they are really out of touch with a business' startup needs. I never ended up getting the dealership because there just isn't any way to justify the equipment cost and the cost of materials. I wouldn't be able to make a profit for years, and any business I start needs to earn its cost pretty quick.

Checked out all the other reviews here.... thanks. Seems like the info is pretty good based on my other research and phone calls. Looks like the SLC dealership is the way for me to go. They have one open in my area, and have flexible options where I don't have to invest a fortune right off the bat. I can add equipment and more stock as I need.

That seems like the best fit for me.


Review of Rhino-Linings Franchise — 2 Comments

  1. My collision shop wants to compare pricing on these vendors:
    Rhino vs Rhino Pro, SPI, Spray-Lining & Coatings & Line-X. Is there anything you can advise that’ll summarize 5 deals?

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