Seal Tite Pond Coating - the only Real Deal:
Poly-hybrid Spray-on Pond Liner

Learn more about how Seal Tite professional grade pond coating provides lasting protection and waterproofing for Koi ponds, water features, and liquid containment systems. Repair your leaking Koi pond or build a new one with Seal Tite poly-hyrid coatings from Spray Lining and Coatings.

Seal Tite Pond Coating

Aquatic containment coatings available from Spray Lining and Coatings include our Seal Tite, and our newest addition: Seal Tite Ultra. For larger ponds or water features, our standard Seal Tite products provide exceptional long-lasting protection with the widest variety of color, texture, and flexibility options. While only available in Black, Seal Tite Ultra provides the maximum level of protection for inferior substrates or unique challenges. Seal Tite Ultra has been developed to provide the closest product available for DIY  application to Polyurea.  With additional elongation, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance, it far surpasses other pond coatings on the market today.

A bit of history about Polyurea:

Polyurea is the most elastic and strongest coating available for water or liquid containment. This revolutionary product was invented in the 1990s, and remains unsurpassed in durability for ponds and similar application.  If any large amount of water is to be contained within hard walls or flooring which can have faults, hairline or larger cracks or various forms of stress this containment is not impermeable. Loss of water, aside from natural evaporation is inevitable; this loss once initiated will not go away, be reduced or cease with nature on it's own.

How dramatic these leaks are matters greatly in maintaining constant water containment. Because these hard, rock or cement-like surfaces containing water usually reside within soils, sands, or clayish foundations, rain, humidity, natural atmospheric conditions will shift this container as your foundation.  Weather this is slight or significant, this hard foundation is dynamic, not static.  So it cracks. Elasticity is the ability for a material (a pond lining in this case) to bend, stretch with or without returning to its original dimensions (also called elongation) are characteristics addressed with the advent of polyurea.  Tensile strength (also called tear psi) is another characteristic promoted specifically by polyurea.

For a pond (actually any waterscape or any body of water) to remain faultless over a stiff, faulted foundation (if its imperfect enough to lose excessive water) it must be sealed, lined or coated by a product that remains bonded to it's foundation. This is regardless of whether they are small or significant faults.  Only polyurea can remain connected with its substrate over time. Polyurea remains adhered and properly bonded even if it's substrate partially deteriorates. Seal Tite is a highly flexible poly-hybrid product which not only exhibits characteristics of polyurea, but is available as a DIY product. It has been designed and tested to perform similarly to polyurea, but without the high priced spray equipment and safety considerations.  Seal Tite by Spray Lining and Coatings adheres to hard, brittle foundations, and remains bonded to liquid  container shapes despite faults or openings within the container's sides or bottom parts.

Polyurethane is not polyurea. Neither is urethane, epoxy, acrylic, asphalt or any complex or technical sounding name. Until Seal Tite became available as a DIY package via Spray-Lining & Coatings no suitable coating other than polyurea was available for lining and coating ponds specifically.

Seal Tite Pond Coating is still to this day, the only pond-specific poly-hybrid used by pond owners directly. Drying under water its available in small enough quantities to simply repair leaks. Without dependence on large and expensive plural component proportioning equipment, its the only alternative to using high priced, experienced coatings experts. These Koi pond repair experts usually avoid smaller jobs that are under thousands of square feet.

Of the several coating products sold under names like Pond Coating, Pond Liner, Pond Sealer, etc., words like Armor, Shield, Rubber and Epoxy are used. Neat-looking packaging may be used, some with nifty-looking little rollers or a specialized brush can appear as a tested solution. A few are sold under nationally known vendors in retail outlets. Each and every one of these pond coating products are made of urethane, polyurethane, epoxy, even asphalt, acrylic, etc. Compare actual current DIY pond coating kits available through retail and online markets.

If you wish to line your pond once, never again and as a lower cost DIY solution Seal Tite is the single alternative. Look closely at actual pricing for factual amounts, i.e. how many gallons provided per dollar you spend. You'll then know that the lowest priced DIY Pond Coating Solution is also Seal Tite. Highest quality if you study closely paying attention to specs, actual cost and actual quantity; in this case is also the best price.

Read more about Seal Tite by Spray Lining and Coatings with our Seal Tite Product Information on our DIY storefront page.

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Seal Tite Pond Coating by Spray Lining and Coatings
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  1. The rubber pond coating we used delaminated. We had an SLC Dealer quote removing that called Herco and redoing it with Seal a Tite. Quote was $22/ sq ft … We bought Seal Tite in a DIY version with decent equipment, got walk through from application support guy. Looks good much much thicker but it’s been only 7 months… time will tell

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