Spray Lining Franchise and Dealership Reviews

Reviews of Major Spray Lining Manufacturers

Within the articles listed below, Spray Lining and Coatings has done extensive research to provide accurate information to assist those interested in starting a business in the lucrative spray coating industry. Whether your primary business is focused on truck bed lining, industrial coatings, trailers and farm equipment, ponds, or any other use, the articles here should be of benefit.

Review the information contained here to avoid the pitfalls and complaints others have expressed with dealerships and franchises who failed to live up to expectations. Many of these business opportunities can actually cost you far more than they will ever provide in revenue. Learn how to properly choose the right product, equipment, and business partner for your specific needs with these reviews.

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General Review Summary For Line-X Franchises Line-X dealerships are most expensive (approximately $319,000.00). It is the only “pure” franchise of the bedliner vendors. Although others who sell “dealerships” use this term, SL&C hasn’t identified another that sells an actual legal … Continue reading

Rhino-Linings Spray Lining Franchise Review Rhino is an actual recognized brand that if the cost of the name can be amortized, can function well for largest body shops with multiple auto dealerships. Spray Lining and Coatings (without credit, commission, or … Continue reading

Review of Spray Lining & Coatings Dealership Opportunities International Graco, PMC, Wiwa, SL&C new and used equipment under warranty with loaned systems for single use jobbing. Any/all polyurea types, all brands are implemented, spray-able through all systems worldwide. HP, LP, airless, … Continue reading

Review of Reflex Liners Franchise Opportunities Reflex Liners requires you to be a dealer, and to use only “specialized” Langeman equipment and products. The particular item of concern with Reflex is the fact that they lock dealers into using their … Continue reading

Vortex Spray Linings Franchise Business Review Similar to Reflex, Vortex requires use of specialized equipment and you must be a “Vortex”dealer. Vortex also sells a hard coating for decks called Granitex, along with a roof coating. Both products “require” use … Continue reading

Scorpion Coatings (Al’s Liner) Franchise Opportunity Review One of the largest of SL&C competitors, Scorpion offers basic equipment at inflated prices. Price $45.00 to over $80/ gallon depending on quantity (plus freight) Link to their programs… http://www.scorpioncoatings.com/project/spray-systems/ Scorpion Bed Liner … Continue reading

Speedliner Dealership Options Review and Suggestions Speedliner is another good name, but no actual equipment, and very high cost for only one product. Overall, it has great strength, but requires 1-2 days to cure. Metallic substrates must always be dry … Continue reading