Instructions for Applying Spray Lining and Coatings Polyurea and Poly-hybrid Products

When applying your protective coating product from Diamondback Linings, it is important to follow the directions provided for the specific application required. This page is provided to help you get the most out of your purchase. Follow the links provided to download the latest instructions for each of our coating products.

  1.  How to Line a Truck Bed with SL&C Products (with pictures)
  2.  Basic Directions for Spray Lining & Coatings Products
  3.  Step by Step Instructions to Line a Bed
  4.  Simplified Directions
  5.  Generalized Simplified Directions
  6.  Helpful Tips for All Variations of SL&C Products
  7.  Directions to Apply a Clear Bra Spray Coating
  8.  How to Tape Off a Truck Bed for Spray Lining and Coatings
  9.  Advised Supplies for Professional & DIY Spray Lining Jobs
  10. Directions for SL&C Bedliner Repair Kits
  11. Directions to Apply Rhino / Line-X Alternative Cartridge Spray Bedliner Products
  12. Diamondback Linings Ultra Liner Instructions
  13. Instructions to Apply Seal Tite Standard Koi Pond Coatings
  14. Instructions to Apply Seal Tite Ultra Koi Pond and Water Feature Protective Coatings


Spray Polyurea Instructions — 8 Comments

  1. I followed that link & instructions are useful. Your sprayed bed liner instructions are same as with kits you shipped. I own a pond with cascade. You have pond directions, Randy Lontz gave nice advise for the koi pond. But do you have specific instructions on cascades or should I contact Randy?

    • Hi Gilbert,
      In order to be sure to get best results, you should probably call Randy first. You can always call Spray Lining and Coatings at 1-855-545-4900. If Randy isn’t available, someone will always be glad to help with your koi pond or cascade project.

  2. I run general repair for trucks trailers welding and do collision work. Don’t believe in DRPs. With polyurea fair deals from National Lining & Coatings my Sr sprayer does full jeeps & full trucks with basic Bedliner. Equipment from Spray-Lining & Coatings is sufficient- Paul Knaur Custom Automotive.

  3. my Line-X was supposed to outlast anything, guaranteed. I got this it was supposed to be extra thick stuff called XTRA or ULTRA. It cost more but warranty was no guarantee. it was lifetime but it was conditional, i.e. “not for industrial use”. BS! what constitutes any use of a sprayed-in lining?! That Line-X dealer became an SLC dealer because of this: IF ANYONE HERE READS CAREFULLY NO BEDLINER APPLICATOR EXCEPT SLC ACTUALLY WARRANTS ANYTHING. I asked the same guy to repair it with SLC but that was more money. I wouldn’t recommend SLC or Line-X.

    • Mr Hersh, I noticed your comment just now. While its almost a year ago, Spray-Lining & Coatings’ dealers are not accountable for any Line-X warranty. Although your SL&C dealer was apparently the same person or business, if your job was from materials of a different vendor, legally it’s no “legal” relation to him now or us. However I am willing to repair this at no cost through your SL&C as an act of good will. Please clarify your contact info, name of previous (Line-X) dealer, name of same SL&C dealer… This may be done here or contact Ryan Fischer, zone #1 SL&C distributor, National Lining & Coatings- email: 855-527-7506.

  4. I tried Rhino Pro, Als Liner, Scorpion and Marvel Armadillo cartridges which were ok. Before those I tried Herculiner, Montsta and Dupli Color which were junk. Spray-Lining & Coatings sold me their cartridge system for about 2/3 the price with any color. I got their 15 truck bed kit from SL&C which yielded 19 beds with leftover. It’s real polyurea. Much less $ than all others.

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