General Review Summary For Line-X Franchises

Line-X dealerships are most expensive (approximately $319,000.00). It is the only “pure” franchise of the bedliner vendors.

Although others who sell “dealerships” use this term, SL&C hasn’t identified another that sells an actual legal franchise. Seemingly, they contain the most or best social network marketing. Its targeted at truck beds, but seemingly seek bigger jobs their small dealers can’t handle. These efforts do not diminish its actual quality control. Line-X may also own the best name under pickup truck bedliner for quality. Although that same equipment, same polyurea (all 7 types of Line-X) is not necessarily “specialized”. Dupont, PPG, BASF, SL&C sells for lower cost. Line-X was started after Claudio Burton, Rhino’s earlier R&D person targeted its first high pressure formula. After Burton spun this off as Line-X, Rhino called it HardLine, its HP system.

Line-X Equipment:

Non Proprietary Equipment

Line-X also uses various models of Graco equipment such as EXP2, E-20 or similar models. Promoting higher strength “better” (than Rhino at first) bedliner, professional internet writers and sharp advertising, Line-X became known as higher quality. This reputation, while valuable, does not equate to a better product.

This can however evolve from more careful control for quality of any brand. Here SL&C digresses from critique; if that name can be amortized, it provides value. Although there’s no proof or promises made to secure or estimate revenue, the Line-X brand is one of quality. Otherwise, its application technique remains “standard” for any properly trained applicator of polyurea.

Non Proprietary Spray Guns

Probler I, Probler II, or similar Graco type guns used with most Graco or PMC equipment may be utilized. Line-X dealers must agree to buy all materials, even equipment from only Line-X, regardless of pricing. It appears that territories are more reliably protected (than Rhino or others), but all fine print should be read, analyzed, then considered by more than one attorney.

Line-X Summary:

Line-X is the better promoted bedliner dealership.  For same reasoning as amortizing the Rhino brand, SL&C has recommended Line-X to larger automotive dealerships or multiple location body shops. Any knowledgeable polyurea applicator with a good name and experience finds no use for such amortization.  Within biggest auto/Jeep/truck sales or service sectors, a Line-X Franchise might be a worthwhile investment for those who can risk its costs vs payoff. SL&C implements Line-X polyurea closely. Franchise agreements are strong, however previous owner, now called Bullet opened doors to supplying Line-X dealers with similar or duplicate spec. polyurea. *

* Since Line-X Corp was sold, it was understood that its previous owner, Burton opened Burton Labs or Bullet Liner. It’s SL&C’s assumption that Burton, who created original Line-X controlling agreements, started Bullet Liner knowing how or why to circumvent this franchise designed initially by him. SL&C follows this tactic to also compete.

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by John Hawkins on Line-X
Not worth the price

I never ended up going with a Line-X dealership, because the price was way over the top. Some of my friends recommended it because it is well known, but seriously... I can't afford to put that kind of money into it and then they have all sorts of restrictions. Glad I found the reviews here. The guide was great and the info all panned out. When I called Line-X and Rhino, they really didn't seem to care about my business at all. Guess I just wasn't big enough for them.

by Grady Williams on Line-X
Line-X cost me more than it ever earned

I had a Line-X dealership for about 4 years, and I never earned nearly as much as I paid. Unless you have connections which will keep you doing fleets, it is almost impossible for the little guy to get into it where he can make money. Might be OK for a truck dealership or something, but it cost me all my available funds. Not worth the money as far as I am concerned.

The Review Guide here is great! I think I may sign up for a dealership with Spray Lining & Coatings. The dealer support team has been very helpful getting my needs sorted out.

My advice is to check it out and start making phone calls. The big guys don't even want to talk to you unless you have a lot more money than I do now that I am in the hole on Line-X.

by Marc Walters on Line-X
True Line-X Cost

My company paid over $260,000 for a Line-X dealership. My lead painter had over 18 years experience trained along with crew of 3 also experienced men. Not enough calls meant not enough jobs. We did a few truck beds per month but it did not profit. We sold that franchise for $65,000 to another shop whom also failed. Maybe a big auto, jeep, truck dealer can justify poor revenue in order to sell more automobiles. Or maybe a multiple location collision shop can justify a loss to achieve more collision work or insurance claims… My company does mostly customizing, some welding & mechanical jobs with minimal collision or insurance work. We don’t sell many trucks either. Line-X did not break any laws but they sold me the pie-in-the-sky which essentially ripped my company off. With that loss vs legal loopholes of them I’ve done serious research on Line-X vs the generic brand of Spray-Lining & Coatings. Ergo I very much doubt, now that I’ve learned Line-X wants over $300,000 to become a dealer, that any smaller shop of under 2 million in revenue as mine would achieve ROI within the first 3 to 5 years. I wrote this review because big American industry has become fraudulent in most ways, so for some common folks like myself & my business partner I’m trying here, to help others.


Line-X Franchise Review — 6 Comments

  1. My family is in the auto detail business. We handle big accounts of auto and truck dealers who want us to add bedliner spray on service. Most want Line-X but that exact equipment is available thru SLC or Graco. We understand the Line-X price & fee structure with requirement using only Line-X product. But Line-X rep won’t or can’t answer why we must pay up-charges to purchase other brands of equipment under Line-X.

        • Hi Paul,
          While Line-X is a good product, there are actually as good or better polyurea products available. Also, Line-X is primarily focused on the vehicle coatings. Sometimes, industrial grades which Line-X doesn’t cover are required.
          That said, the biggest advantage of Line-X is that they do better at ensuring the bedliner is applied properly. Rhino doesn’t do as good a job (also… their polyurea isn’t as good). A great product can be a mess if applied by a careless applicator. Better to have a slightly lower quality product applied properly.
          Our RLA cartridge product has better specs than Rhino, and basically equivalent to Line-X Standard. The rest is up to you as the applicator if you apply it yourself. Proper prep, following the directions, and getting some tips from us first will make for a job every bit as good as Line-X for a lot less money.

    • Scorpion is not a bad product, but has its drawbacks. If you are considering a DIY product, you will find that they market their coating as Al’s Liner. One consideration is that it is about 85% solids by volume. This means it shrinks as it dries, so you need more product for the same coverage as 100% solids products. This is true of most manual mix polyurethanes. Most of our coatings are 100% solids and do not shrink as they cure, so less is required for the same coverage. You can learn more about all the popular DIY coatings by browsing or downloading the Best Spray On Bedliners Comparison Guide for more information.
      Diamondback Linings (Spray Lining and Coatings) has also added a new product: Diamondback Linings Ultra Liner to our DIY spray bedliners which has even greater specs than our standard product line. If you want the closest performance to a true polyurea such as Line-X or Rhino without the need for expensive spray equipment.
      Of course.. We also offer the same high performance polyurea products with the least expensive spray equipment requirements available in our Rhino/Line-X Alternative cartridge products. Also, polyurea in pail sets or drum sets for proportioner application as well.
      If you would like additional information, feel free to get in touch directly at 1-855-545-4900 ext 902 or

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