Review of Reflex Liners Franchise Opportunities

Reflex Liners requires you to be a dealer, and to use only “specialized” Langeman equipment and products.

The particular item of concern with Reflex is the fact that they lock dealers into using their equipment and products. Even the 5 year warranty on equipment states: “All Langeman Manufacturing Ltd. equipment is warranted for FIVE (5) YEARS from date of shipment, with purchase of Langeman chemical materials.”

  1. PRICE $28 to $46/gallon + freight
  2. Payment must be wired, receipts of which have the above requirement printed.
  3. 5 gallon buckets, only on loaded pallets with minimum qty. (over 100 gal. only)
  4. You must be a dealer & buy use only “their” spray rigs
  5. You must agree to terms stating this use of Reflex or Gardit or void equip warranty & forgo any parts or service
  6. Reflex is stronger than Langeman’s “stronger” formula, Gardit, which tears by hand easier

Concerns heard from Reflex Customers:

  1. Raised product, equipment, and parts prices.
  2. What can you do if you locate a better polyurea for lower cost such as PPG, SL&C, DuPont, etc.?
  3. Is Gardit or Reflex nationally recognized or even known?
  4. If you make modifications to the equipment to get jobs done when there were no “approved” parts available, is the equipment warranty is void?
  5. What if you cannot justify the minimum ordering requirements, and they refuse to support your needs or sell you parts?
  6. Reflex is a good quality; very soft polyhybrid coating that lacks the durability of SL&C and other pure polyurea.

Reflex Liners Equipment:

Langeman GL4

Langeman GL4 – $14,500.00 – $19,000.00

This spray rig is required for Langeman products: Reflex & Gardit. Similar to the Rhino Linings spray rig (which is Graco’s equipment), dealers are required to use only this specific proprietary equipment for their dealership.

Langeman equipment is proprietary; made by them, intended for that bedliner only.

* See additional notes under Vortex regarding Graco equipment.

Langeman GL5

Langeman may attempt to or require full new system to spray Gardit vs Reflex.  In fact, both systems can spray SL&C formulas.  SLC equipment will also shoot these two Langeman products. While this is rarely done with newest Reflex/Gardit dealers, SL&C gets contacted over time. This is almost inevitable after equipment is sold or is repossessed. SL&C has bought and sold equipment as such refurbished with similar parts.

Langeman equipment is proprietary; made by them, intended for that bedliner only.

* See additional notes under Vortex regarding Graco equipment.

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Reflex Liners Franchise
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by Philip Johnson on Reflex Liners Franchise
Reflex advice

I had a Reflex franchise for about 5 years, but the equipment cost to maintain really wasn't worth it. Can only use their product, and they really don't provide the support you need to get a business up and running. My advise is to stick with respected equipment manufacturers and don't let anyone keep you from running your business your way. The ones who say that only their "special" equipment will work just want you to be stuck with them forever.

by Jonathan Oakes on Reflex Liners Franchise
Specialized equipment for just one thing

Was looking into the Reflex Liners franchise, and gotta say it really is a bad idea as far as I am concerned. Why on Earth would I want to buy some overpriced equipment which is only good for one product? That seems crazy.

They really have you over the barrel if you go that route. Seriously... go with a dealership or franchise which lets you use quality spray equipment you can trust. Some of these listed here on this site use top name equipment like Graco. You should download the complete guide for reference and then start making phone calls. Definately get the guide though so you can print it up and have it handy when you are talking to the reps at these place.


Reflex Liners Franchise Review — 4 Comments

  1. After reading your SLC reviews maybe you can answer this. i bought a used GXP Pro from a leasing company. It needed parts but was only $500.00. new its over $20,000. Langeman manufacturing who sells that equipment refuses to sell me parts unless I become a Reflex dealer. This comes with new equipment + polyurea for $34,000. I am already spraying your SLC Polyurea with a rebuilt E-XP1 with Graco parts from you. SLC was $23/gallon. Why does this Langeman place do that and does SLC sell Langeman parts. It’d be a great backup system if it can be rebuilt.

    • Thank you, Josh: GPX Pros are $14,000 to $20,000 new. SLC buys these + several other models via repo shops like from unpaid leasing repossessions. Requirements like Langeman’s resemble Vortex’s. Both of those vendors pose after Rhino or Line-X’s national names. Attempts like this are not illegal, their contracts are not unethical. It’s a logical but less accepted method of keeping their dealers buying only their products. Actual national brand recognition (Line-X / Rhino for bedliners) might lay a foundation to amortize a higher investment. On equipment repair: SLC stocks most parts to any/all polyurea equipment.

  2. Look at which include SLC Cartridge System, SLC re-manufactured polyurea spray hoppers & backpack system. All are included, loaned on larger orders or between $121 & $1,215.00. Compare SL&C’s backpack sys to Vortex, Scorpion & Reflex, all over $14,000.00 with stiff contracts required to buy only from them. Then, if you want a lower priced fusion LP or HP plural component contact us about a Graco E10. Price of E10 is between $15K to $19K with Graco warranty, interchangeable parts and no binding agreement to only buy only SLC polyureas. E10 can also be upgraded in several ways.

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