Scorpion Coatings (Al’s Liner) Franchise Opportunity Review

One of the largest of SL&C competitors, Scorpion offers basic equipment at inflated prices.

  1. Price $45.00 to over $80/ gallon depending on quantity (plus freight)
  2. Link to their programs…

Scorpion Bed Liner Equipment:

EG570 Electric Spray Gun

The EG570 Electric Paint Gun – $350.00 – Sold as a gun for polyurea

Promoted as Scorpion Coating product line, but is a Wagner Flexio Sprayer 570 readily available from $80-$129 from Amazon to Home Depot. Unfortunately, the EG570 has numerous complaints. Before considering this, check out the Top Negative Amazon Reviews to avoid a costly mistake.

“Large Volume” Spray Gun

“Large Volume” Spray Gun – $140.00 (approx.)

Standard spray gun from Scorpion for high volume use with a 2 gallon hopper. In reality, this is available from Wallboard. It is a ceiling/texture gun for approximately $75.00. Hoppers via Graco or SL&C are much higher quality.

Generic Low Volume Spray Gun

The “Al’s Liner” Spray Gun – $59.00

Smaller jobs like standard truck bedliners use this with a 1 gallon hopper. This can be found at local tool retailers, Harbor Freight, or online for as little as $20. …

Al’s Liner is the “DIY” version of Scorpion Coatings, which is itself a DIY system. Al’s is a higher priced, scaled down version of Scorpion.

Scorpion ASC6/7000

Scorpion ASC6/7000 – $16,995.00

Called high pressure systems because it uses a high pressure plural component proportioning spray system. The pump systems cost significantly more than using XO2, but is fast application, no mixing, and dries fast.  Payback on these types of systems can require significant time unless the volume is high.  Some larger shops, car dealerships, and commercial applicators have these types of volumes and can afford the higher cost. At $17,000, and actual Graco E-10 HP or EXP1 or 2 becomes more logical than this unit. At 15% – 25% more, Graco has manufactured these for over 30 years.   * Similar to Reflex & Vortex *

Cartridge Systems


Looks like they support the theory, but do not have an actual system.

All Cartridge systems use an LP polyurea that has been inserted into cartridges for a low priced pneumatic cartridge gun.  Cheap replaceable spray tips called Static Mixing Tubes must be replaced after each use.  Cartridge guns were meant for applicators that need faster dry times, but can’t incur the high cost of a Graco system on very small jobs.

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Scorpion (Al's Liners) Franchise
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 2 reviews
by Paul Zaban on Scorpion (Al's Liners) Franchise
SLC vs Scorpion + manual mixes

I own truck repair, collision & welding shop. We usually build truck bodies also. My manager tried Scorpion: Good stuff but slow drying & expensive. I researched learning that Speedliner & Rhino Pro was even more $. Why is Spray-Lining Coatings less $ than these? Also why is automatic mixed polyurea less $ than manual mixed stuff?

by Gary Jacobs on Scorpion (Al's Liners) Franchise
My Experience With Scorpion Linings

I sprayed Scorpion bedliner at Les Jacobs Ford in Cassville, MO. Les Jacobs paid me well, they do good work. But Les Jacobs mgt complained about Scorpions Lining. It’s over $60/gallon, it dried in 1-2 days, it wasn’t as strong as Line-X, Spray-Lining Coatings or HardLine by Rhino. My business partner (mgr from from Les Jacobs) and I see “Polyurea” pricing is the name of the game. We plan to compete with all Line-X, Rhino Spray lining shops South West of Springfield, Mo. We will start with manual system like the SLC Backpack Sprayer then graduate to Graco E-20 or Graco E-XP2 if we surpass 4 truck beds per day. We studied pricing on Rhino & Line-X. Too risky at $80k to over $300,000.00 but national brand may have value. We studied several “Rhino-Line-X Alternatives”; less but still well over $40,000.00. Reflex & Vortex are less but require buying only their guns from about $20,000.00. SLC ships Graco, their own spray rigs + PMC rigs for less, polyurea is less too. Great but since Rhino & Line-X are major brands how does Spray-Lining & Coatings market their dealers to compete? Hope this wasn’t too wordy! Thanks, Gary.

Thank you, Gary. Spray-Lining & Coatings realized pricing on polyurea under bed liner dealership deals was inflated after Line-X spun off of Rhino in this growing market segment of coatings. Others like Scorpion, Reflex by Langeman & Vortex try copying. But without true national name recognition the clones or copycats “pretend” to have national names but do not. Result: Lookalikes charge more wholesale for their bedliner, more for equipment or must bind dealership startups into buying “only their proprietary” formulas or spray-rigs. While that’s not unethical or dishonest it made competing (with Rhino / Line-X / any other established shops)more difficult. SLC got more of it’s tactics from it’s “ship jumpers”, disenchanted (Rhino / Line-X or Lookalike) clients who became (our) dealers. SLC’s marketing includes websites targeting those names or the cpating or polyurea world in general; Custom Lining and Coatings (Custom Linings was big), Kens Flexible Armor (i.e. Arma Coatings or ArmorThane), even Rhino-Line-X Alternative are used to jump start bedliner demand in different areas. Other services are email blasts to local body shops, truck dealers, welding fabricators, etc, radio, print media, etc ( as on )… Mostly SLC saw these unfair startup games before they were apprehend by those like you and your partner who simply do your research.

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