Spray Lining & Coatings Provides Specialty Coatings For Boats And All Marine Products Or Applications

From boat hulls, to decks, to equipment, to docks and other structures, SL&C has developed products to ensure many years of lasting protection. You can easily customize the color, texture, thickness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance of our marine coating products for an exact match to your coating requirements.

SLC114AS – Our primary marine grade Anti-Stick Polyurea Formulation:

Pricing: $3.18/ft² @ 78 mil

Equipment: Graco-based or PMC plural component pumps, SLC Back-Pack system, large & small cartridge & large Graco-hopper-component system

Loaner Equip 20 to 90 days based on job size, sq ftg, experience


114AS high-strength, 226% -elongation developed with ship hull aquatic anti-friction polymer technology.

Fully resistant to abrasion at over 78 mil ht. marine hulls resist high wear with this ht; over 130 mils lasts through daily run-aground.

• Impact absorbing
• Sound dampening noise control
• Below freezing temperature flexible
• Seamless self-bonding
• 100% buoyant foe aquatic efficiencies
Abrasion Proofing Lining on:
• Rock or grain chutes and hoppers
• Grain, rock, bins, all Silos
• Any Screw conveyor
• Aquatic animal, water ride basins
• Any Slurry tanks and pipelines
• Dump truck lining
• Cyclones
• Classifier and shaker screens
• Hatcheries, aquariums, Any aquatic animal habitats and water ride basins
• Thick lining & coating for bumpers or heavy equipment
Applications: Anti-Stick with or without Slip-Proof properties by smooth, light orange peel, course or high-profile gripping remaining easily cleaned.


Boat and Other Marine Coatings — 3 Comments

  1. I do marine fiberglass jobs on side. Main job is lead paint tech at a body shop. Owner uses Spray Lining & Coatings under their DIY section for truck bed liner jobs. Looks better than a Dealer of Rhino TuffGrip who is friendly with us. This dealer guy didn’t want to spray boats so he sent this 23’ fiberglass fishing boat to us – I took the job. Left center console & T-top in place, cleaned it & sprayed SLC Marine-grade DIY Polyurea from 100 to 200 mils thick into deck, over console @ 50-60
    Mil with T-top foot flanges, switches & gauges taped off. Flexible stuff, thicker & seems better than fiberglass, all is solid, sealed definitely not slippery. It’s cheaper than fiberglass about a third the price.

  2. Thanks Otis & Earnie. SprayLiningAndCoatings.Com is new iPhone-friendly website. Pricing is now lower there (and in Spray-Lining.com store) than on eBay & Amazon. No small polyurea vendor (like Line-X or Rhino and the bedliner dealership boys who copy them) provide actual marine grade polyurea. For Interior as boat decks SL&C is mixed to be more elastic, i.e. grabby, rubbery & Slip-Proof yet clean-able with Anti-Stick properties. Boat hull exterior and inner walls use a stiffer SL&C mix. This is usually sprayed glossy or flat on hull bottom or very low profile orange peel on gun walls. For lowest dynamic drag, lowest aquatic CoeF, maximum speed and efficiency it’s 100% Anti-Stick or “slippery” with bendable but less flex on V-hulls, tri-hulls, hybrids, flat bottoms or pontoons.

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