Simple System to Help Ensure Best Results With Your Polyurea Project

Take advantage of the resources below to ensure your truck bed liner, koi pond, or any other project which involves polyurea comes out perfectly.

With some straightforward advice and recommendations, applying polyurea spray on products can provide lasting protection for many equipment needs. Spray Lining and Coatings is always available to help ensure you achieve the best results. Browse the links below to learn more.

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Ultimate DIY Polyurea System — 3 Comments

  1. My sons used SPI for their polyurea. They call their company Rebel liners in Attica, NY. Still, Rebel Liners is owned by Nathan Fix (me). It’s off Rt 98 in the Town Of Alexander. This is a referral or testimonial to SLC, actually Spray-Lining & Coatings, zone 1 manager, Ryan Fischer. Here, I’m speaking for my sons and myself by firsthand experience with top quality polyurea: Many reps visit and allowed us to buy small qtys to compare with SPI. Results are- All polyurea through SLC is higher quality than each brand my sons checked; Line-X, Vortex, Rhino, Scorpion, Speedliner, Toff, and SPI (Specialty Products, Inc). My sons and Andrew Mullen Gaetan from BRP and Steve Kowalcyk learned this and verified it through smaller orders until proven. Its a fact that manually mixed or “DIY type Polyurea Hybrid” is not equal to high pressure polyurea hybrids. You’ll find that any labeled as “bedliner” or forms of DIY coating are NOT POLYUREA or similar hybrids at all. They all have much lower quality than hp or fusion type; i.e. none can withstand stress as the real deal, polyurea. Except SLC. SLC is the only vendor that ships, “professional” or Dealer Grade polyurea hybrid as DIY or small qtys. That’s why we use their duplicate materials to our previous supplier, SPI. They too ship great quality but SLC is better for lower cost. Lastly, if you’re seeking professional quality bedliner or a polyurea job but are unwilling to pay over $8.40 per sq ft Rebel Liners looses nothing by advising you to contact Spray-Lining & Coatings. Doing your job yourself saves Rebel big time haggling over pricing. If that’s difficult for you then just contact Rebel!

  2. Thanks Barry. Always add height to your price question of $ / sq ft. That calculates your actual per gallon price. Thicker (higher) means less $ for any given price per sq ft. EX: Small truck bed = 58 sq ft. At 63 mil (1/16 inch) that = 2.3 gallons. SLC’s smallest kit = $110. Divide $110 by 2.3 gal = $48 or about $53/ gal with frt. 15 bed kit = $42/ gal . Prices are $18 to $26/ gal for LP & HP Polyurea; that’s much less but requires an LP or HP system. That’ll run you $3,000 for a rebuilt Graco E10 (or an old Vortex or Reflex sys) passed $23,000 for a new EXP2 HP deal (Line-X, Rhino HardLine or copies of those). Short quest with long answer but clarity is necessary in this industry.

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