Choose the Best Spray-on Protection for Your Truck or Other Valuable Equipment

For truck owners who love their trucks, but plan to use them as real trucks, Spray-Lining and Coatings spray in truck bed liner was designed for you. When you know you’ll be hauling items that can scratch, rust, or dent your truck bed, a spray in bed liner is the perfect solution. You could spend a small fortune hiring a company to install a spray-on bed liner, but if you’re do-it-yourself experienced, you can quickly master the essentials with our Spray-Lining and Coatings DIY truck bed liner kits. Expert advise is always available and you will find the results much better protection than a roll-on product from some low-end suppliers.

Why Use Spray-Lining and Coatings

Spray-Lining & Coatings bedliner is a polyurea-based rubber textured truck bed lining that can prevent not only scratches, rust, and other minor damage, but impact damage as well. The thick coating is applied to the most vulnerable area on your truck: the truck bed. This thick bedliner product protects from damage no roll on coating can claim. Even if your work truck has existing scratches, a proper application of our spray on truck bed liner can cover past damage and prevent future dents from occurring.

How Spray-Lining & Coatings Works

Spray-Lining & Coatings truck bed liner is a long-lasting, durable, and attractive bed lining compound that must be applied to a clean surface free of oil or wax to achieve maximum adherence to the truck bed surface. In order to attain a satisfactory, professional-grade application of your bedliner, prepare the truck bed by removing wax or other surface coatings. Once clean, you can apply the Spray-Lining and Coatings DIY kit using spray gun provided with most kits along with your air compressor and hoses (not provided). A standard truck bed liner kit of Spray-Lining and Coatings is enough to line a six-foot truck bed with the recommended minimum thickness. For a long bed pickup, the 2 bed or Professional kits available from SL&C will probably be necessary.

Before Getting Started

Although applying spray on bedliner is a relatively simple process, for best results, you’ll want to be thorough with every step of the process. You should always clean it completely of dust, tape all areas totally to prevent applying the hard-to-remove Spray-Lining & Coatings material to a part of your vehicle that needs to stay uncoated. Also, always apply the bedliner to every inch of the truck bed as evenly as possible.

Materials Required to apply SL&C products:

• Spray-Lining DIY truck bed liner kit
• 2″ wide painter’s tape
• Leaf blower (optional)
• Lacquer thinner
• Paint stirrer or drill attachment (drill mixer highly recommended)
• Gloves

Read our simple guide to apply spray on lining for your truck bed with Spray-Lining and Coatings products.

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