Follow These Simple Steps to Apply Spray Lining and Coatings Materials

How to Apply Spray-Lining and Coatings materials:

  1. Thoroughly clean out the bed of your truck.
  2. Using an abrasive cleaning pad, scuff the entire surface of your vehicle to be coated. Once you’ve removed the shine from all raised areas, crevices, depressions and corners, you are ready to start. Remember to prepare the tailgate as well.
  3. Use the leaf blower to remove all dust.
  4. Carefully apply the painter’s tape to the edges of the area to be lined. Make sure to completely cover each item that shouldn’t be lined since the Spray-Lining can be extremely difficult to remove once applied.
  5. Make sure to completely stir all cans of Spray-Lining both before and during the application process to prevent separation. This DIY kit is a two part product and it is critical that the parts are mixed in proper proportions. Always use a separate mixer for part A and part B of the kit.
  6. The Spray-Lining and Coatings truck bed liner kit should be sprayed in layers to achieve maximum thickness on vertical surfaces.
  7. Each kit comes with instructions and a support phone number for questions, but the proportions for mixing are: 2 parts A, 1 part B, 3 parts C (lp80 and lp40 combined). The part C can be varied to achieve the desired texture.
  8. In addition to the products shipped, the lacquer thinner (available at most hardware stores) will be used to achieve the proper consistency to work with your spray equipment. It is always best to mix a small portion at first to see what works best for you.
  9. It is not necessary to allow Spray-Lining to cure completely before applying the next coat. The Spray-Lining can be applied at any time between 32° and 95°F, but it will cure more quickly on a warm day than on a cool one.
  10. Apply the second coat thoroughly, making sure to cover every inch with the protective coating material.
  11. Once you’ve applied the Spray-Lining, make sure to check for any stray drips of the Spray-Lining that may have fallen on the exterior of the pickup or any other surface. Make sure to use the lacquer thinner quickly to prevent serious damage.
  12. If you decide you want your bed liner even thicker, simply apply more coats; the bed liner adheres to itself resulting in a cohesive bond that will protect your work truck for years to come. Also, if you want to add extra gloss to your newly lined truck bed, once your Spray-Lining has cured you can apply a coat of black Rustoleum paint.


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