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Coating Truck or SUV Exterior

What Texture and Thickness is Best for External Body Lining? From the knowledge of spraying lining onto the exterior of jeeps; use on trucks, cars, boats, etc. Following the trend of applying bed liner to the outside of your vehicle … Continue reading

The “Best” Solution for Pond / Waterscape Leak Prevention or Repair: Diversity By Kevin Root, Spray-Lining zone 2 distributor, Vancouver Lining and Coatings The application of solid or spray-on liners to ponds and waterscapes seems to be competing tactics through … Continue reading

Truck Bed Liner Preparation

Proper Truck Bed Liner Protection Recommendations The following article is provided by Kevin Root (lining and protective coating specialist at Vancouver Lining and Coating). This is an excerpt from a previous contribution to online forums and can help avoid some … Continue reading

Spray-Lining Customer Review By John Zieser Spray-Lining Reviews: Dealers, franchising and complaints exist onto name brand vendors. This article sheds light on bedliner clients as in claiming, “Rhino Linings is better than Line-X” or vise-versa. These posts in blogs and … Continue reading