Truck Bed Liner Preparation

Proper Truck Bed Liner Protection Recommendations

The following article is provided by Kevin Root (lining and protective coating specialist at Vancouver Lining and Coating). This is an excerpt from a previous contribution to online forums and can help avoid some of the scams and product misrepresentations in the spray lining industry.

“I am Kevin Root, zone 2 distributor of Spray-Lining ( Vancouver Lining and Coating). My hope is to prevent misrepresentation or getting ripped off inadvertently from lack of detail necessary to buy and apply lining materials correctly. Tristan displayed a fair DIY Spray-(on bed) lining job on YouTube recently, but these facts are missing:
1- Remove all old, non-bonded paint and scuff, BEFORE taping, not after,
2- Use only quality masking tape, in fairness it seems like 3M 233+ but this should be clarified or wire-trim tape is advised,
3- Plastic garbage bags may function for EZliner or any 1-part spray-on liner since its a thin coat of a 1-part urethane. Any plural component material like a real polyurea at the proper thickness can etch through cheap plastic and bleed under cheap or wrong tape,
4- The AMOUNT of product matters greatly with any DIY or professional-grade Lining and Coating Service, SEE … Usually measured in mils the quantity of every DIY spray-on bedliner is a SCAM, (except Spray-Lining DIY) ALSO SEE,
5- 1 part spray-on bed lining and coatings are not polyurea hybrid. While convenient-looking or simple there is no single component formula that can adhere or be strong enough for serious truck bed protection. FACT: When you buy a retail spray-on liner in a store, through the net or pay a “professional applicator”, if its not at least a “Plural-Component Polyurea” or a Polyurea Hybrid SPRAY-ON (not roll on) LINING you are getting scammed by inferior product using a FAKE Spray-Lining and Coatings product!
6- Overall these issues along with being inside vs outside, safety concerns and color weren’t reviewed here.
* Tristan meant well I think but with a fairly ranked video as this it was necessary for be to reveal truth and facts on Spray-Lining in lieu of clean, clear representation of spray-on bedliner via DIY bedliner products sold to innocent folks like him and yourself. I hope this detail on bedliner or similar applications for jeeps, trailers, boats, etc really helps you guys!”


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  1. I’m planning on getting a liner installed in my truck bed soon. It’s good to know that you should only use quality masking tape. I’ll be sure that we get the best tape so that it holds well when applying the liner.

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