Spray-Lining Customer Review By John Zieser

Spray-Lining Reviews: Dealers, franchising and complaints exist onto name brand vendors.

This article sheds light on bedliner clients as in claiming, “Rhino Linings is better than Line-X” or vise-versa. These posts in blogs and forums are done by FAKES! These phonies write positive reviews on themselves while bashing honest dealers of competing vendors. A factual example of a vicious brand competing: Line-X was previously owned by Claudio Burton who left Rhino to become his own spray-on lining vendor. Read some  spray-on lining reviews and / or complaints- Line-X posts are consistent. Professional writers as well as dealers writing negative on Rhino or positive Line-X reviews. These are all but ethical.  Mr. Burton sold Line-X, now owns Bullet Liners but does the same scam onto innocent Line-X dealers. The result is that many Line-X dealers use his new name, “Bullet Liners”. They can because if anyone knows how to circumvent that franchise its Burton; he created it. These websites, www.rhinolinings.com, www.line-x.com, www.bulletliner.com simply compete along with www.Spray-Lining.com.

Spray-Lining and Coatings is the actual vendor for various spray-on linings. There are no spinoffs of Spray-Lining and Coatings since it created generic duplicates of each brand name’. I am John Zieser of Des Moines, Iowa.  Meredith Corporation is a publicly held company using Spray-Lining for 9 years for polyurea shipped for contract work.  Spray-Lining ships standard polyrurea as well as SLPV-100 polyurea hybrid. This has zero VOC, no isocyanates, is not carcinogenic or hazardous. Spray-Lining and Coatings are owned with Flexible Lining Systems. Jake Carpenter, James Mulva are owners and directors.

Owners of companies Spray-Lining and Coatings competes with are intelligent men with great product lines. But a larger percent of their dealers become S-L clients. For those seeking business within the spray-on lining, coatings or polyurea application industry you can learn where and how to obtain high grades of polyurea here. You can get quotes from a close dealer at http://www.spray-lining.com/locatedealer.php. You can get prices to apply this on your own, then larger, industrial DIY systems, loaner equipment and basic DIY bedliner kits are available at http://www.spray-lining.com/buy-spray-coatings/.

Most Spray-Lining and Coatings dealers also sell DIY systems that auto shops buy in professional-grade. These dealers  train on necessary Graco equipment models such as E-XP1, E-XP2, E-10, 20 & 30 and H-XP3. SLPV-100 can also be manually mixed for small jobs. Line-X, Rhino, Bullet; most polyurea brands charge a fee to buy their “brand”. To enter this industry or just buy polyurea hybrid for a DIY it’s made simple with Spray-Lining. To get a job quote any of 6 zone managers connect you to a local applicator or an “Outstanding Dealer” at http://www.spray-lining.com/outstandingdealerships.php. For the industry’s only “real” warranty see http://www.spray-lining.com/outstandingdealerships.php.

Now you can understand the major reason of some competing reviews upon names or brands: Each polyurea vendor using branding tactics do not in fact sell anything so unique where they can’t be duplicated. They’re all available under Spray-Lining and Coatings; that’s what they all are.


Spray-Lining Customer Review By John Zieser — 9 Comments

  1. I am Willard, owner of Evolution Protective Coatings. We’re in Topeka, Kansas. I’m a dealer of Bullet Liner. I understood that Claudio Burton owns Bullet Liners and used to own Line-X. Spray-Lining owner Jake Carpenter clarified how Bullet Liner reps undercut Line-X pricing. Line-X dealers learned how to circumvent their franchise agreements as it was created by Burton himself. Its an elaborate Spray-on lining SCAM, both concocted and destroyed by the industry’s only franchiser, Burton. Since as a Bullet Liner dealer I am a free agent I am also free to use Spray-Lining Polyurea and services. Most competing bedliner dealers are unable to use Spray-Lining coatings product or equipment. They are usually stuck in disabling contracts; not necessarily franchises but agreements of their brand’s vendor or even on each bill of sale. Overall Bullet Liner has been fair but Spray-Lining has simply undercut the industry’s smoothest franchise hoax. For those of you seeking, “the best spray-on bedliner” you found us! We are a Bullet Liner Dealer supported with top-grade Spray-Lining polyurea: Highest specs, lowest price means more product applied for much thicker bedliner.

    • ALSO POSTED AT: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2014/04/which-bedliner-warranty-protects-buyers-best.html
      Spray-Lining Facts, Truth, Honesty: Line-X & Rhino are not “SCAMS”. But unlike Dan, Spray-Lining distributors don’t pretend to be military professionals. This “highly satisfied”, extra cautious owner of a pickup truck, moving around the country, stating, “the ONLY franchise and they have about 400 locations in the US”, “about 1/8 inch thick”, warranty work of an “unnamed” dealer reads more like a Line-X dealer or employee than real client. I am familiar with the Spray-Lining dealer in Texas that guy Jed mentioned. That’s Corpus Christi Bedliners; http://www.RhinoLineXalternative.com!
      My name is Kevin Root. I am a Spray-Lining and Coatings distributor of Zone 2. In my zone is NW Lining and Coating Svc, run by Jake Dempsey, in Seattle, http://www.seattle-spraylining.com... I don’t know Jed but he was accurate because we compete with Line-X and Rhino Linings for new dealership clients. These brands are just men using branding to get high prices for their polyurea. While there’s no scam in branding, almost one half of our Spray-Lining and Coatings dealers are ship-jumpers from those 2 brands. The bottom line is that the preparation and applicator’s skills matter more than any brand or name, thickness is relates to this AND the polyurea’s cost to the dealer. Lower cost equates to more sprayed out and a warranty is either backed by the manufacturer or it is not. Truth is a dealer whose not getting reimbursed for warranty work may or may not care. Fact is that every certified “applicator” of our products is backed by labor and material cost from Spray-Lining and Coatings, LLC. SEE: http://www.spray-lining.com/warranties.php
      So while Rhino or Line-X are are not scams, any polyurea applied correctly and liberally will stay put and hold up for many years. Lastly, the name of our certified (trained) applicators are promoted by us, not our name, “Spray-Lining and Coatings”. Although some use our name, which is quite generic for polyurea, others have copied us, pretending to be trained dealership of Spray-Lining; now there’s the big scam!

  2. Is Scorpion Coatings Spray Lining and Coatings? No. Is Rhino Linings Spray-Lining and Coatings? No. Is Marvel Coatings or Armadillo Liners SLC? No. Line-X and also Custom Linings can be mistaken for SLC. Spray-Lining and Costings is not only a definition, as at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray-lining. Its also a manufacturer of polyurea, polyurea hybrids and several coating products. Lining and Coating Service found at http://liningandcoatingservice.com/ contains links with industry facts, reviewed by intelligent people who do research first, such as “Spray Bed Lining and Coatings Reviews”. This leads to careful information at http://spray-lining.net/bedliner-calculator/ i.e. for truthful square footage with proper thickness for buying that right amount of bedliner needed for a truck’s bed. Confusion between competing companies via the web can lead to using the wrong product for your job. An example is Scorpion Coatings which sell their X02 product mainly. X02 is not a Spray-Lining and Coatings product. Many use the term Rhino bedliner for all SLC products, of which there are many. Rhino Linings while usually compared with Line-X is also misleading. That’s because they both sell more than one product. But in most blogs, forums or reviews, most posts, replies and even authors fail to clarify which specific product (of these two companies) are being compared. And while any brand can be a “spray lining or coating”, SLC produces customized formulas that implement, if not duplicate specific brand name specs. Yet the “company” called Custom Linings is also not Spray-Lining and Coatings. In summary polyurea, an inherently high-quality formula is best compared not only by specific names of its vendors, but also but specific product or formula names or code numbers. Now you can distinguish them. Even more specific are tech data and MSDS info on each product or code. Price per gallon then is accurate. Lastly, the actual performance of a polyurea includes prep, application technique, conditions, thickness; probably some other factors such as time in service before a logical comparison can be valid.

  3. The True History of the Bed Liner business: There is a lot of miss information on this page, First of all Rhino Lining started in South Africa around 1981 with a guy named Morgan Evans. There was also a competitor called Pro Tect A Backie also about the same time, which is the Afrikaans word for Pickup truck. Charles Hibberd Emigrated to the USA in 1986 and brought a spray system and chemical over using a crude low pressure spray bed liner system, was the first person to spray a truck bed liner in the USA early 1987 Rhino Lining also used the same system and opened a operation in San Diego in 1988. It was the success of Arma Lining that gave them the idea to bring over the Rhoino system.
    Charles Hibberd named the company Arma Linings at the time and as soon as he developed the high pressure system and realized that the bed liners where not the only application the company name was changed to Arma Coatings. Arma Coatings had worked with a smart chemist name Ezzatt Sieff who was the first person in conjunction with Arma Coatings to make the first high pressure bed liner 1:1 polyurethane formula that was viable and marketable. Charles Hibberd was the one that developed the system, modified the foam machine to deliver higher ppressures and figured out what the formulas needed to be able to lay down thick coatings without bubbling or foaming. Charles Hibberd paid for all the failures and eventually had the process fine tuned. The company that made the formula was PDL (Product Development Laboratories) a development company in Southern California that was focused on the building industry. The powers at PDL decided they did not want to supply products into the automotive industry since they felt that the liability of getting sued was too high. So Charles Hibberd comntacte several companies to have the formulas blended. This mis when he approached the Burtin Corporation. The Burtin Corporation Claudio his brothere JB and nhis dad had never nseeing a spray in bed liner before. They all clambered around the Arma pickup in amazement, a verbal deal was done, Burtin was going to blend the materials and help Arma. Theer ability was challenged, it took another year of formulating, spraying, failing and eventually having a formula of product that was marketable. Meantime Burtin was haning around the Arma shop in San Diego every day learning and stealing the processes and techniques Arma had developed. In 1991 we where on our way and I had a booth at SEMA in 1992 and 1993. Burtin turned up with brochures and promotional handouts with there numbers and information trying to bully Arma into having them be in charge. They nwent ahead and called their company ARAMAX coatings and telling Arma Coating that they where competing against Arma Coatings as Armax coatings. After threatening them with a law suit and a deseas letter they changed there nam to Linex and that is how Linex was born.

    • Thank you entirely, Veronica Hibberd… I’ll assume that you have some relation to Charles Hibberd, owner of Arma Coatings. I am an SLC application support person, Randy Lontz. I recall speaking with Charles Hibberd some years back. I thought that the original, “Rhino” of spray on truck bed liner started in Africa. He was quite cordial and genuine, albeit disenchanted with Russell Lewis, owner of Rhino Linings. The wounds seemed as forms of sabotage to Charles’ invention(s) or his credentials as such. With both Charles and Russell both being South African, I’d jokingly asked, “Did both of you come to the USA on the same plane? …” Charles was jovial as he’d gained my respectful insight. I also recall that we never updated http://www.spray-lining.com/Competitors.php which displays Spray-Lining & Coatings, rendition of vendor history. At very minimum your facts should be included.

    • Thank you Veronica for your contribution to the history of the product, States side. Your facts are close to the mark.

      The process was developed in Pretoria, from 1981 through to 1983, and was initially launched under the brand PolyGuard, changing to Rhino Cote and then to Rhino Linings around 1986, after some trademark disputes with Gypsum Industries of South Africa.
      Peter Morgan Evans

  4. Comparing bigger corporations like Line-X to smaller ones like Flexible Lining Systems who own SLC, it’s become obvious: To an average business owner, the smaller vendor of Polyurea offers much more than any big national name brand. SLC in our case provided enough bells & whistles in the form of equipment & training than Line-X. Lastly as for promotion SLC has been much more aggressive on a local basis. Our new SLC Bedliner division was always under Corpus Christi Bed Liner. With competition locally plus our new abilities to handle pond coating like koi pond jobs, notwithstanding farm items & marine jobs, our SLC website became & stll is RhinoLinexAlternative.com.

  5. OK Peter Morgan Evans… The Rhino story, i.e. how Russell Lewis got credit for Rhino Linings in North America has a few poorly documented twists too. Spray-Lining & Coatings simply noticed Claudio Burton, an engineer of sorts spinning off Rhino in mid 1990’s to form Line-X… Line-X going the full franchise route, verses just those, “dealerships” of Rhino & other imitators may’ve succeeded well enough to secure maximum pricing to own a Line-X retailer. Observing this SLC went the other way, i.e. against big franchise games or national recognition…

  6. Line-X franchises cost approx $300,000.00 VERSES Spray Lining & Coatings for well under $30,000.00 – same formula, same spraying equipment. SL&C targets clientele with aggressive sales tactics “against” brand name fees. My truck bed liner clients get thicker bedliner at lower prices. My shop handles Full Jeep Bedliners, Trailers, Boats & misc items. We apply Polyurea in house and on mobile on ponds, farms, etc- Simple.

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