Best Choice for Colored Truck Bed Liner

Be the envy of all your friends with a custom colored bed liner!

Colored bedlinerThere is nothing more eye-catching than a color-matched truck bed liner. This look can be easily achieved with Spray Lining and Coatings custom color bedliner kit.

The process starts with applying a premium quality truck bed liner you customize to the texture desired. This process allows you to adjust the texture, build up areas of imperfection, or apply additional coats for even more protection.

After your base bedliner application is complete, you simply apply the colored bedliner topcoat customized to your specific color choice. The topcoat is not a paint, but rather, additional polyurea bedliner material. This ensures a complete bond with the textured truck bed liner and provides the long-lasting protection for years to come.

Spray Lining and Coatings UV Top Coat Benefits:

• Highest level of protection from UV rays
• Protection from color change
• Protection from dulling of surface
• Wide range of affordable custom colors
• Allows custom color matching, even pearls and metallics
• Can even exact match based on your vehicle paint code

Since all materials (base-coat and top-coat) are bed liner material, there is no risk of improper adhesion, flaking, or peeling encountered when painting a bedliner. In addition, you get all the impact, tear, and other protection you expect in a bedliner.

Change your mind in the future and want another color? No problem… Spray Lining and Coatings specialized protective coatings can be applied over an existing polyurea bedliner and achieve the same bond as when first applied. The end result will be an even thicker bedliner with even more protection.


Best Choice for Colored Truck Bed Liner — 7 Comments

  1. Line-X is like Spray-Lining Coatings but they color throughout where SLC does a topcoat. I know UV color is pricier than black bedliner. Is it cheaper to do a topcoat? How would that be any better than color throughout?

  2. My husband just got a truck and I want to put a liner in the bed. Thanks for the information about how the lining can help protect against UV rays. Another thing to consider is to get a liner color that you like and that has a warranty.

  3. We compared thickness with a mil gauge of Spray-Linings & Coatings vs Line-X vs Rhino Linings on 3 different flatness at SEMA & locally at local Farm Show. Spray-Lining Coatings averaged 134 mil, Rhino averaged 74 mil, Line-X was consistent at 62 mil.

    • The colored bedliners have become very popular with truck owners who would like a customized look the their vehicle.
      Spray Lining and coatings has a great selection available. You can check them out on the storefront at: Spray Lining Colored Bedliners, or give the support team a call at 1-855-545-4900 for more information.

  4. I like how you talked about the different options for truck bed liners, like Rhino liners. My husband and I are preparing to get a truck and want to see what our options are to help it last longer inside and out. You did a great job of explaining how there is protection from dulling of the surface and has the highest level of protection from UV rays.

    • Khorae Olivier- Spray-Lining & Coatings was always same or higher spec products at lower price than all bedliner names. If you are a Rhino Line_A_Bed dealer ( I see Rhino in your domain name ) – to answer your question of options of Spray-Lining & Coatings: Many newer Rhino dealers contact us or jump ship to SLC. Tuff Grip or HardLine or Extreme or Hybrid or Rhino Pro; all materials have been duplicated similar to Line-X was.

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